About us

The idea of Adanah has been derived from the 2030 vision, and takes place in the heart of the desert. This Company aims to combat desertification, elevate green vegetation and improve air quality through reducing carbon emissions across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
By increasing vegetation cover and reducing desertification, Adanah is being participated in The Saudi Green Initiative ( SGI).
The company applies economic and multi-purposes aspects of afforestation to create economic opportunities.


Drylands currently cover about 90% of Saudi Arabia lands. Attribution of climate variability, this range and intensity of desertification may increase.

for that reason, we are specialized on agricultural productivity, maintaining vegetation and mulch cover and providing the most improved irrigation techniques in a cost-effective way.
Besides that, Adanah is also working on useful commercial applications of planting trees. for example, the leftover of Sidr and Acacia trees could be used in honey and charcoal production.

Irrigation Solutions

Generally, Arabian peninsula is challanging water scarcity and non-renewable water resource.
Saudi Arabia has the third highest per capita fresh-water consumption in the world, despite being one of the world’s driest countries.(2019’s study).
Aquifers and desalination are the major source of water in Saudi Arabi.
For that reason, our company uses the best irrigation solutions to save water, irrigate the desert plants and minimize the number of irrigation cycles specially at the first phases of a plant’s life.

Seeds Bank

Seeds banks aim to forestall loss of genetic diversity in rare or imperiled plant species in an effort to conserve biodiversity. Attribution of climate arid and variability and man-made activities in Saudi Arabia, the need to such practice is an excessive demand.
We are providing a unique desert plants seeds selection that are most well adapted and suitable for the climate and urban environment of Saudi Arabia.

Logistic Support

Adanah uses multiaple advanced technology solutions that includes trees observation, maintaince and care and investigate how much water they need at the first phases of a plant’s life.
We make sure that the trees are healthy and fully-grown so they can survive without water.

Our Plants


  • Sidr tree
  • Acacia tree
  • Juniper tree
  • Mangrove tree
  • Vachellia tortilis tree
  • Neem tree
  • Acacia etbaica tree
  • Ficus tree

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